Our campus is GLOWING with Leadership. We are so fortunate to have an AMAZING community of families, students, and faculty. There are so many wonderful things happening at Tuscany Heights daily, and we would love to share some of them with you. This Tuscany Family is truly successful at fostering student academic achievement and growth. 

"Thank you for offering a spelling bee at Tuscany Heights! My child was so excited to be a part of this! I have never seen him study as hard as he did the past few weeks. It's awesome that these children had such a wonderful fun academic opportunity! They all did so good! Kudos to you & your team for encouraging our children to excel!!"

                                                                                From a T.H.E. Parent

“ Mrs. Branch, your teaching style is awesome and it worked really well for our son. He came home excited frequently about his assignments and things that he had learned at school. For the first time, I think he acted like himself at school almost like how he did at home (good and bad-LOL). You were the first teacher that I felt was looking at his strengths and weaknesses. You were rewarding positive behavior while looking at strategies to improve upon things that he needed to work on. I really sincerely appreciated that kind of communication… Anyway, I think you did the best job of everyone that we have encountered with providing effective communication. I truly think you are an outstanding teacher. I thank you so very much for a wonderful 2nd grade experience! Teachers are so important.”

                                                                                From a  2nd Grade Parent


“I am just so impressed. I don’t remember being this impressed when my children were in school. You are all so organized. The car rider system is well organized and the sweet staff that stand in the heat to take the numbers. It is just really nice to see.”

                                                                                Kinder Grandmother

"Mrs. Bailey, I believe Tuscany is the best elementary school in the city. The culture and staff are a direct reflection of their leader. Congratulations."
From a Kinder and 2nd grade parent

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