KSAT 7th graders Create Games & Makey Makey Controllers

7K worked as teams to create games using Scratch and designed makey makey controllers out of common items such as: coins, aluminum foil, paperclips, bananas and potatoes. Did you ever wonder if tortillas would conduct electricity? Some students did and found out that… Yes, the corn tortillas in our favorite meals would conduct electrical current so they could be used as a controller. Play the bongos, whack spongebob, race around a maze, solve a who done it mystery, and many more fun games were created.

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Animation from Exploring Multimedia Class • Mr. Gentles' Classroom • 01/09/2017

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Sixth grade KSAT (Krueger School of Applied Technologies) students participated in their first Aerospace Day on September 23. Students built bottle rockets in science class. They then launched and tracked their rockets using clinometers. Students used the clinometers to measure the maximum angle that their rockets reached. They will then calculate the altitude based on the data collected.

While one group launched their rockets, other groups rotated and continued working on their ancient civilization unit. Students read about the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. They then created masks and wrote summaries on the back.